About Us

About Us

We, Vivan Global Impex, operate as a manufacturer in machine making industry with the belief to improve ourselves through innovation. For this reason, we keep incorporating new technologies that would lead us to engineer an array of oil extractor machines of unparalleled quality. The range we offer includes Temperature Controller Oil Extraction Machine, Oil Extraction Machine,Portable Oil Extractor Machine, Kitchen Organic Oil Extractor Machine, Electric Oil Extractor Machine and more of nonpareil quality. Each one of these is made using material of A grade quality that possesses the capability to obtain oil of different seeds like coconut, almonds, peanuts, cumin seeds, mustard, sesame, sunflower seed, flax seeds, soybean, etc. Apart from operating in the manufacturing domain, we work as a retailer, as well. This makes us reach a wider audience with ease.

Our Team

We are a team of 12 employees, working together to achieve our common goals that benefits our company and our customers both. To attain a competitive edge in the market, our team always supports us by doing the right thing. For instance, helping our customer get access to a quality-assured range.

Quality and Compliance

Quality is the first parameter that is demanded by everyone who wishes to buy a product. Therefore, we, at our company, keep a vigilant eye over each and every manufacturing process to achieve the highest level of quality standards in our Electric Oil Extractor Machine, Kitchen Organic Oil Extractor Machine, and more. We even follow techniques of total quality management system to ensure our product quality standards comply to the rules set by the industry.

High Quality

The quality of its products determines the success of any corporation in the industry. We take it very seriously. We produce and serve high-quality items.

Customer Support Service

Customers are valued at our company. Therefore, we give customer support services to meet their needs.

Excellent Shipping Service

We strive hard to deliver the most satisfactory and timely shipping services while keeping the value of commitments and time in mind.


Our business unit offers Oil Maker Machine distributorship contracts. We provide distributorship agreements all over the nation and on-demand support and services to clients in the area. The customers can email their inquiries if they are interested in becoming a distributor for our Oil Extraction Machine.

The Advantages of Becoming a Distributor

  • The customers have the option of being their employer.
  • The clients do not need to invest anything to establish and maintain a business.
  • Our distributors have the opportunity to be a part of a successful business.
  • We offer full marketing support for the company of our customers.


  • Q1. Is it better to use a cold press or hot press oil?
    • A1. Cold-pressed oil is usually preferable to hot-pressed oil since it does not entail heating, which destroys essential minerals and flavonoids. The aroma, nutrition, and flavour of cold-pressed oil are all retained.
  • Q2. Is it necessary to refine the oil once it has been extracted? 
    • A2. The customers will discover some fibres in the oil because it is 100 percent raw and pure. Place the oil in a room with a temperature of at least 15 degrees Celsius for one night. Oil and suspended fibres will naturally separate over time. Therefore there will be no need to filter oil. Keep the oil for an extended period for a greater separation effect. If necessary, you can remove it with a spoon. There is no need for more refinement.
  • Q3. Is it worthwhile to invest in tiny oil press machines?
    • A3. Because the market is swamped with manipulated oils that promise to help the health of customers but do not, owning a small oil extraction equipment at home is a huge plus. The clients may extract oil from their favourite seeds, such as peanuts, sesame, coconut, walnuts, and others, whenever the customers want, without using any chemicals.
  • Q4. How much oil can one kilogramme of seeds yield?
    • A4. In general, it is dependent on the kind and quality of seeds. For further information, visit the oil output table.

Customer Care

Complete customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Therefore, we follow customer care approaches that always help us win customers hearts without compromising on our business morals. For offering machines of unmatched quality and an amazing shopping experience, we are always appreciated by our customers.

Our Advantages, Why Us?

Following are the reasons that make us the best company to be partners with:

  • No compromises are made in delivering Kitchen Organic Oil Extractor Machine, Electric Oil Extractor Machine, etc., of unmatched quality
  • Better than ever deals that allows customers of different budgets to buy our offerings
  • Maintaining business morals even in the hardest of situations

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